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Smt. Mathubai Garware Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Sangli
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From Principal’s Desk
         Our philosophy has always been meeting the needs of the individual student. Students   acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. In the  21st century, the digital revolution effects us all. It is changing everything: an overwhelming information, entertainment and education is speedily available. In such a surrounding when work and effort is valued, the students’ self-esteem is heightened. We try to understand and work with each student and we firmly belive that it is our responsibility to help the student in our care to develop as a whole.
          We all are concerned with students as they have lives beyond the classroom, and we cannot meet their needs if we show no concern for their activities outside the College Campus. We put forward a distinctive blend of offering in the areas of knowledge in the form of encouraging the students for debates elocution and as well as organizing and taking part in various cultural events, and sports competitions. The students have achieved a great success in sports at Zonal and University level. Through NSS department the college conductes extension activities, the NSS voluntiers of our college participate in university NSS Camp. The Sports department of our college organizes zonal and Inter Zonal competitions of Shivaji University.
           For the academic enhancement of the teachers the college conductes UGC sponsored Seminar, conferences and workshops on various topics. I am proud to mention that our teachers actively participat in the national and International conference and present research papers. Some of the teachers have published their research article in the reputed journals and magazines.Our college is a Lead College for the cluster group of 15 colleges. Under Lead College we conduct various academic, health, sports and research activities.
            I wish to put on record the incessant assistance and co-operation from all my teaching and Non-Teaching colleagues and students in the development of the college.

 Best Wishes
Dr. R. G. Kulkarrni
Smt. M. G. K.M. Sangli






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