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Smt. Mathubai Garware Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Sangli
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Antiragging Cell
The Sextual harassement of women at workspace(Prevention . Prohibition and Redressal Act 2013)
The college has formed a committee on anti ragging. In this committee various faculty members senior college has included. The list of faculty members in committee are as follows:
To Preserve and Protect the Rights of female students of the college
To Maintain gender equality at working place
To Create Awareness about Sexual Harassment and the law provision and Preventions.
To organize program lectures workshop to create literacy about the issue concerned.
To display the rules and regulations and literacy of the issue from time to time.
To take serious cognizance of each and every complaint of sexual harassment case reported by a female student.
To supervise the fair and effective implementation of the rules and regulations.
The Committee undertakes the fallowing Steps:-
To prevent any kind of harassment including sexual harassment of women student and staff.
To make women student and staff aware of their rights.
To offer guidance, counseling and special learning resource facility to women and student.
The committee conducts regular meetings to discuss about issues pertaining to women students a healthy atmosphere prevails in the college campus and no case of sexual harassment of women, student, and staff has occurred during last two years.
We have conducted two meetings in the every academic year. We have discussed on various problems regarding Sexual Harassment issues. We have no complaints on Sexual Harassementin these 2011-2012.
Committe Member
Prof. Smt. Varsha S. Gaikwad Presiding Officer 9922154117
Prof. Smt. Nandini G. Kale Member 9923235660
Prof. Smt. Sucheta N. Murukmar Member 9028090705
Smt. P.M. Kulkarni Non. Teaching Staff Memeber 9422420678
Adv. Surekha G. Kunte Lawyer 9422516734
Dr. Smt. Lata Deshpande Social Worker
Ms. Rashmi Patil Student Member
Ms. Sukanya Joshi Student Member
The names of the committee member are displayed at the conspicious places in the premices of the college.
Any women including student , teaching staff memeber, non teaching staff member cam make complaint regarding sextual harassment immediatly to any committee member and after inquiry redressal be granted to the aggrieved member. Reports will be confidential.
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